Infection Control

For Safer and Healthier Environments


Disinfection Program

Infection Control, the practice of preventing the transmission of contagious diseases, is becoming increasingly more complex and challenging to control.
Team MQM Facility Services provides comprehensive results to today’s complex world for fighting infections and controlling diseases. Our staff is trained and certified in all phases of germ warfare utilizing state of the art equipment and chemicals to ensure effectiveness with measurable results.
We pre-clean to remove soils and biofilm from various surfaces, an essential first step to disinfect and kill germs that are often overlooked. Our disinfectant is applied with a state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayer that wraps itself around all surfaces leaving no area untouched. For long term success in the battle against germs and diseases, we offer our valued clients air purifiers utilizing photocatalytic oxidation.
Our process involves three basic levels of services that we refer to as (CPR) Critical, Preventative and Routine. They are applied to many types of facilities throughout the Northeast USA. Regardless of facility type or the level of contamination, we have you covered.

Facility Types - Industries Served

Public, private, colleges and universities.

We are committed to providing safer and healthier environments, one facility at a time!

Before we begin, we carefully assess each situation to determine the proper process. During the service we measure with Hygiena Luminometers and ATP swabs to determine currently levels of contamination. After service completion, we measure again to confirm proper levels of disinfection have been achieved. We refer to this process a (BDA), Before, During and After.

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