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You can pay (and keep paying) for a floor finish that requires frequent repairs, reinstallations, and costly upkeep. Or you can invest one time in the beauty, quality and long-term savings of a polished concrete floor.

At MQM Cleaning, we grind and polish existing and new concrete floors using our state of the art equipment, and our crew of experienced professionals will provide you the best quality and most efficient service for shining your concrete floor.

Our concrete grinding and polishing flooring solutions will provide your facility with a clean dust free environment-friendly,  not mentioning the fact that polished concrete floors are a cost-effective alternative that’s sure to last even for decades of use.

Benefits of polished concrete include:

While there are many advantages of concrete floor polishing, we pull out some of its benefits
Longest-Lasting Floor Solution Available
There is simply no comparison to other floor systems when it comes to the life of a polished concrete floor. Even the most durable carpet, linoleum or VCT floors will require replacement at some time, whether it is ten or even twenty years later. Polished concrete floors will be there as long as the slab exists, whether that be forty, fifty, or one hundred years later. With proper maintenance and an every 6 months re-polish, polished concrete floors provide savings short and long term.


If you’re installing a new concrete floor, the choices of textures, colors, and finishes are nearly limitless. concrete floors can be colored or stained to match any hue, you can opt for finishes that resemble tile, slate, or marble.

Durable, Cost-Effective, Sustainable, and Aesthetically Appealing

If you are looking for durability, cost-effective, aesthetically appealing, and easy to maintain flooring material, then you should consider polished concrete. It has gained popularity in many parts of the world due to its versatility and ease of application.

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